Make Money Online: On What to Do to Get Started

Do you want to get started making money online but you don’t know where to get started? Should you focus on freelancing, a dropshipping business, Amazon FBA, or selling shirts through Teespring?

If you are here is because I know you have had or have the same series of questions, and even more, going around and around in your mind. Maybe you aren’t just trying to figure out how to get started online but what you should start in, how to spend your time wisely, how much capital you actually need, and how to really make things work—and let’s not forget how your time will be managed moving forward as well!

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FBA or Fulfillment by Amazon: The First Steps of a Journey

I have always been interested in selling online.

Like many of you I began testing what it would be like with eBay and over time things proved to be fun and I learned a lot in the process. This happened many years ago, however, and when I tried to make it work the best I could I pretty much abandoned the idea. I completely focused on what did end up being my current business, a web design and development company, to which I have almost religiously dedicated the past 9 years of my life.

When I have been extremely fortunate to successfully run my entire business from home, and for almost a decade, I have come to conclude that I am ready to get into other professional endeavors that I am interested in and, with all the knowledge and experience I have I know I will, too, be successful.

Okay, I am not saying I am quitting my business. It is an excellent source of income and things are running smoothly! But I have had to come to conclude that in order to do something right one must focus most of his or her time on it: I am sure you agree with that statement.

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