Social Media Profile Photo Covers Done Right 2016

Social Media Cover Photo

Last week I was working on the new social media covers for my company, Otter Creative Studio. Because following up-to-date guidelines for each social media profile is the right thing to do, we set out to ensure we were creating these covers using the right dimensions—we want them to look its best possible!

Besides looks, and due to the large amount of devices used to access social media platforms these days, it is also important to consider the visible area or the portion of your nicely-designed cover that actually gets seen and that isn’t overlapped by your avatar and other miscellaneous stuff.

During my quest I found plenty of information but nothing I stumbled upon was really explained clearly, to the point—and up to date for 2016. This isn’t my first time creating banners but it is the first time writing about it and I wanted to make sure you, my reader, could get to work instead of wasting your precious coffee-drinking time.

Social Media Photo Covers

I spent about 10 – 15 minutes digging the information I needed, we wanted to begin working on the right canvas dimension from the start, and we finally got to a series of blog post from TwelveSkip that we felt were excellent, to the point, and worthy of sharing: thank you

So without further ado, here are the links to each social media profile we dug up:

What are other social media platforms’ photo cover dimensions?

Author: Emilio López

Emilio López is the founder of Otter Creative Studio​, an online marketing, branding, web design, and web development agency helping your business reach its goals.