HustleCon: Startup Information & Hacks from Those Who Made It

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A while ago during my search to learn more about startups I found out about The Hustle, “a daily email that explains the most important stuff going on in the world of business, tech, and culture and what it means to young, ambitious professionals like yourself.”

I signed up to their newsletter and I really, really, really enjoyed reading the content they were coming up with which you can find right on this link. If you are looking for information you can hardly find anywhere else, and you are all about startups, then this IS a great place to start!


The main reason for this post, however, was to let you know about an even better resource that comes from The Hustle as well: they call it HustleCon and in their words this is what it is:

Hustle Con is a badass conference where the best non-technical founders (aka hustlers) teach how they got started and give practical advice on growing your startup. If you’ve heard of a hacker, well a hustler is its counterpart. Basically, it’s like a rock n’ roll version of TED, except not as hoity-toity. The catch? None of our speakers know how to code.

I can’t remember exactly how I got to find out about HustleCon 2015 as I couldn’t attend this year’s conference, but it was super cool of them to let this amazing content out for us, startup geeks, to enjoy and learn greatly from.

So grab some popcorn, cookies, beer, wine, or whatever you are into and start watching startup related content that will blow your mind and keep you excited and motivated, too.

Let me know what you think in the comments and if you found this information as valuable as I did.

Author: Emilio López

Emilio López is the founder of Otter Creative Studio​, an online marketing, branding, web design, and web development agency helping your business reach its goals.