Entrepreneur: Why Taking Time off Should Be on Your Priority List

Enjoy Time Off Now

We entrepreneurs love to work on our projects, don’t we? If it is something we really want to create or develop as fast as possible we tend to put absurd amounts of hours on a daily basis sometimes not realizing that we are pushing ourselves to imminent exhaustion.

When we reach that point of no return is when we realize that we have crossed the line and the very moment when thoughts of taking time off begin to cross our projects-filled, entrepreneurial brains.

We can’t let go. It is as if an important part of us is being put to sleep and our busy brains can’t seem to be able to adjust to the fact that it is time to stop for a while.

The Entrepreneur Dilemma

If this sounds too familiar you aren’t alone. We face a challenge, a dilemma, and even though we know and feel like we can’t go anymore we continue to push.

The reason is behind is our unstoppable desire to succeed and the belief that we can turn it up a notch and work at whatever it is we are working on, that we are invincible, that we can do it! Yet this is a fallacy, an illusion, a lie we tell ourselves.

Certainly, we can do anything we set out to do. Sometimes we also have to push it, things are not going to get done by themselves, right? But when we continue to push without stopping to take some time off we find ourselves in a deep hole and the more we push the deeper we go to a point where exhaustion just becomes part of our daily lives.

Taking Quality Time Off

The answer is simple and it is simply to take time off when you need it yet the secret is to take quality time and not just a few days nor a staycation: it is time to get out, you know you want to!

There is absolutely no project, client, nor deadline that is more important than stopping when you need to. I am not saying you should be irresponsible, do what you need to do to be able to take the time off you deserve.

The advantages are too many to count but if you were wondering amazing ideas for your current or new projects will come to you during the time off and productivity will certainly go up when you come back, too.

Don’t get sucked by the busy-busy-busy mindset, taking time off to relax will benefit you and those around you tenfold: make it a priority!

What do you do when you know it is time to let go?

Author: Emilio López

Emilio López is the founder of Otter Creative Studio​, an online marketing, branding, web design, and web development agency helping your business reach its goals.