Take Time off Work: Recharge & Come Back Stronger & Focused

Ah, entrepreneurs working non-stop: we have all been there, haven’t we?

If you feel burned out, stressed, anxious or tired of the routine, then it might be time for you to take some serious time off to recharge and come back stronger, more focused, and ready to tackle the next challenge.

This topic is so crucial to me that I decided to take a few minutes to talk about the importance of it after just coming back from a two-week vacation: check it out below!

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2017 Apple MacBook Pro 15” MPTT2LL/A Unboxing & Review

I recently decided to get a new laptop as my MacBook Pro 17” died on me a few months ago due to a video card problem after about 7 years of hard work: you will be missed, buddy!

I waited for a while since then until the new MacBook Pro models came out in June or so before I made my move. I couldn’t be happier with what I got, a brand new MacBook Pro 15” MPTT2LL/A.

Below is a video of the unboxing and initial review of the product in case you are looking for more information about it. After using it for a while now I can tell you that this is a monster of computer. It isn’t only fast but it also feels robust and ready for many years of use.

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